The Parts of the White Cane

Handle/Grip – The grip is located at the top of the cane. Most handles are black and made of rubber. Very similar to a golf club handle. Handles can also be made of other materials like leather, wood, or cork. They also come in different shapes, such as completed rounded or three-quarters rounded and one-quarterContinue reading “The Parts of the White Cane”

How to Choose the Correct Height for a White Cane

Choosing the proper height for a white cane is critical in determining how successful and safe a person will be while traveling. If the cane is too short there is less time to react to an obstacle once contacted and there is also the chance of missing the obstacle altogether. If the cane is tooContinue reading “How to Choose the Correct Height for a White Cane”

How Wide Should You Sweep a White Cane (Arc Width)?

When sweeping the cane the width in which the cane is swept is very important for the efficiency of travel and safety. The goal is to consistently sweep the cane 1 or 2 inches past each shoulder every time. You can also picture a clock face where straight ahead is 12 o’clock. In this example,Continue reading “How Wide Should You Sweep a White Cane (Arc Width)?”