Picking Up Dropped Objects Safely and Efficiently

Being able to pick up dropped objects both safely and efficiently can be a challenge for someone who is blind or visually impaired. However, learning a systematic approach to picking up a dropped object can help make both locating and safely picking up an object easier. I believe this is a very important skill toContinue reading “Picking Up Dropped Objects Safely and Efficiently”

Tip of the Day #8 – Avoid Bumping into Door Frames

In today‚Äôs tip of the day, I will be sharing a tip to help avoid bumping into door frames. Many of the clients I have worked with at some point have the experience bumping into a doorframe. This could be for many reasons but for people who are low vision or visually impaired who haveContinue reading “Tip of the Day #8 – Avoid Bumping into Door Frames”

The Parts of the White Cane

Handle/Grip – The grip is located at the top of the cane. Most handles are black and made of rubber. Very similar to a golf club handle. Handles can also be made of other materials like leather, wood, or cork. They also come in different shapes, such as completed rounded or three-quarters rounded and one-quarterContinue reading “The Parts of the White Cane”