Emergency SOS for iPhone

What is the Emergency SOS feature on my iPhone? Why should I learn how to use it? Will it help me in an emergency? These are just some of the questions I get asked by my blind and visually impaired adult clients when I first mention the Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone. I haveContinue reading “Emergency SOS for iPhone”

How to Walk “In-Step” With a White Cane

Being able to walk “in-step” while using a white cane is a critical safety skill that provides the cane user the most amount of reaction time possible when detecting an object or drop-off with the cane. When walking “in-step” the person’s reaction time is equal to one full step or stride length. However, when walkingContinue reading “How to Walk “In-Step” With a White Cane”

Tip of the Day #18 – How to Fold a White Cane That is Stuck Open

Have you ever had a hard time folding your white cane after using it? Does it seem to stay stuck open no matter how hard you try and pull the joints apart? If you answered yes to any of these questions please continue on to learn four different solutions to help make folding a whiteContinue reading “Tip of the Day #18 – How to Fold a White Cane That is Stuck Open”