O&M Techniques

Thank you for visiting this page! This page is designed to be a resource to review different Orientation and Mobility techniques. This page is not meant to be a replacement for Orientation and Mobility training with an instructor. Rather, my goal is to provide an easily accessible resource to review different orientation and mobility techniques both with written instructions and video demonstrations. This project is still in it’s beginning stages and will be constantly updated with new information. You can click on the different titles below to get more information on each skill. Please feel free to leave any feedback or concerns you may have.

Hand holding a old school compass overlooking a forest
Hand holding a compass

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Protective Techniques

Picking Up Dropped Objects

Hand Trailing

Squaring Off


Counting Steps

Keys & Locks

Refusing Unwanted Physical Help (Hines Break)

Finding Doorknobs


5 Point Travel System

Introduction (Full Blog Post)

Point 1 – Route Patterns/Shapes (Full Blog Post)

Point 2 – Cardinal/Compass Directions (Full Blog Post)

Point 3 – Hallway/Street Names (Full Blog Post)


Point 4 – Landmarks (Full Blog Post)

Reverse Order

1 – Protective Techniques

2 – Hand Trailing Without a Cane

3 – Picking Up Dropped Objects Safely and Efficiently

4 – Squaring Off

5 – 5 Point Travel System Introduction

Point 1 – Route Patterns/Shape

Point 2 – Cardinal/Compass Directions

Point 3 – Hallway/Street Names

Point 4 – Using Landmarks for Orientation

6 – Do Blind People Count Steps

If you are looking for long white cane tutorials click here

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