Emergency SOS for iPhone

front of a brown hospital building and in red letters says emergency
Emergency SOS Video Demonstration

What is the Emergency SOS feature on my iPhone? Why should I learn how to use it? Will it help me in an emergency?

These are just some of the questions I get asked by my blind and visually impaired adult clients when I first mention the Emergency SOS feature on the iPhone. I have found most of my clients either don’t know about the SOS feature or know it’s there but have no idea how it works and how it can be helpful during an emergency.

Being prepared during an emergency is critical. As an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, I do my best to educate my clients on ways to handle emergencies if they occur. From learning how to find the emergency exits in a building to how to refuse unwanted physical touch or assistance. When an emergency does occur there may be the need to contact local emergency services. Being able to reach help as quickly and efficiently as possible is critical during an emergency.

How to refuse unwanted physical assistance video

Front of a hospital an in red letters says emergency

Emergency SOS can help save valuable time during an emergency. When the feature is activated local emergency services are called. Also, if the user has added emergency contacts into their iPhone the emergency contact or contacts will be alerted by text that there is an emergency. They will also be notified of the location the emergency took place.

I believe anyone who owns an iPhone should know how to use this feature in case of an emergency. Spending a few minutes to get familiar with Emergency SOS is time well spent.


For a video demonstration on how to use Emergency SOS click here

Please feel free to share this article and video with iPhone users who you think would benefit from knowing how to use this feature during an emergency.

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