Tip of the Day #18 – How to Fold a White Cane That is Stuck Open

Have you ever had a hard time folding your white cane after using it? Does it seem to stay stuck open no matter how hard you try and pull the joints apart? If you answered yes to any of these questions please continue on to learn four different solutions to help make folding a white cane a little easier.

In today’s tip of the day, I will be sharing with you four different solutions to help with folding a white cane that is stuck open. There is no particular order in how to use these different solutions and more then one can be used at a time.

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For a review of the parts of a folding white cane click here

Solution #1 – Tap the cane tip on the ground

This is an easy solution and I have seen many people be successful when performing it. All you need to do is tap the cane tip on the ground before folding the cane. This will help loosen the joints up a little making it easier to pull the cane apart.

When tapping the cane tip the goal is to find the balance between how hard to tap. It should not be tapped so hard that the cane tip or cane breaks and not too soft that nothing happens. Finding the sweet spot is important.

For a video demonstration of this solution in action click here.

Solution #2 – Twist the cane in opposite directions when separating at the joint

When folding up the cane if you come across a joint that is stuck, instead of trying to just separate the joint like usual, add a twisting motion as well.  One hand turns clockwise and pulls on one side of the joint and the other hand pulls and twist counterclockwise on the other side of the joint. The twisting motion is helpful in loosening up the joint making it easier to separate.

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For a video demonstration of this solution in action click here.

Solution #3 – Add a lubricant

This can be a helpful solution if the first two solutions are not working very well. Adding a lubricant to the joints of the cane can help make them easier to separate and fold. I have heard of people using Vaseline, various cooking oils, WD40, among others. And to be honest I’m not sure which one works the best. If you have tried this and have a preference please feel free to add it in the comments below. I would love to hear your feedback.

Solution #4 – Get a cane made with a different material

One thing I have noticed as an instructor and have heard from many of my clients is that the material the cane is made of makes a difference in how easy it is to fold a cane. This is anecdotal and not based on any specific scientific research. However, from my experience, it seems that aluminum canes tend to get stuck more often and are harder to fold than other materials. Graphite canes tend to be easier to fold and get stuck less often. Switching a cane to another material may be a good solution if some of the other solutions aren’t working for you.

I hope this tip of the day was helpful. If you are interest in my full list of my tip of the day blogs and videos click here.

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