Reverse Order for the Return Trip – Point 5 of 5 of the 5 Point Travel System

Introduction to the 5 Point Travel System

The 5 point travel system is an important set of orientation skills for people who are blind and visually impaired to become good independent travelers. For an introduction to the 5 point travel system, you can check out my Introduction blog post here.

Now we come to the fifth and final point of the 5 point travel system, reversing the order for the return trip. This fifth point is the culmination of the four previous points. Once the first four points are mastered this fifth point can be added to truly make someone an independent traveler.

Signs with arrow directions pointing different ways to different towns.
Signs with arrow directions

If you missed any of the previous four points or need a review you can click on links below.

Why is Reversing Order for the Return Trip Important?

Simply, to become a good independent traveler it is important to not only arrive at a destination but be able to make the return trip back to that the original starting destination. The last thing a person wants it to be able to get to their destination but not be able to find the way back. In order to accomplish the task of returning to the original destination a person needs to have the ability to reverse all the steps that got them to their destination in the first place. This can be challenging for some people because now everything has to be reversed.

Before setting off on the return trip it is a good practice to spend some time considering the reverse route and how it is different than the original route before proceeding. For example, if you turned right and headed east at an intersection you will now have to head west and turn left at that same intersection to return to the original destination. It is also important to consider the different landmarks that will be used as well as hallway or street names along the way. Trying to do this while in the midst of traveling can become confusing and disorienting.

Woman wearing blue jeans with grey sweater, walking while carrying black handbag.
Woman walking with black handbag


Spending time to develop and learn all five points of the 5 point travel system is important to become a truly independent traveler. These skills should be utilized every time someone is traveling independently and incorporated in some fashion into all route planning orientation and mobility lessons.

If you want to learn more about the five-point travel system I highly recommend talking with an Orientation and Mobility Specialist in your area. Having one on one instruction is very helpful and valuable. If you live in New Hampshire please reach out to Future in Sight to speak with an instructor.

Small earth globe sitting in a persons hand with mountain scenery in the background.
Small earth globe sitting in a persons hand

Please stay tuned for several demonstration videos on all five of the points being implemented for different types of travel routes.

Thank you for reading. I hope this article was helpful. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at with any questions or comments.

Have a wonderful day!

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