Tip of the Day #11 – Rubber Ducky

In today’s tip of the day, I will be sharing with you a quick and easy tip for someone who is visually impaired to determine how high the water level is in their bathtub. Gauging the water level may be a challenge for someone due to the water being clear and most bathtubs being white. One solution that may help is by adding a high contrast floating object such as a yellow rubber duck or another comparable object into the bathtub. That way when the water is filling up there is something bright and visual a person can use to see how high the water is. There are several other ways to judge the water level in the bath which I will cover at another time. However, if you or someone you know benefits from high contrast and likes to take baths this tip may be worth a shot.

one yellow and one green rubber duck side by side
Yellow and Green Rubber Duck Toy

Published by Mike Mulligan

Is a Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist who provides product resources, reviews, and tutorials.

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