Tip of the Day #9 – Tactile Doorknobs

In today’s tip of the day, I want to share with you a quick and easy tip to help differentiate between different doors. This tip may be helpful for someone who is struggling with locating a certain door or is having trouble confirming that the door they are at is the right one. I have found this tip to be especially helpful for people who live in big apartment buildings with lots of doors or for someone who is having some cognitive issues and can’t remember which door is the right one.

White door with gold door knob with tactile markings   Blue tape black and yellow tape furniture pad
Doorknob with different tactile markings

Adding tactile markers to the doorknob is an easy solution. There are so many different ways to mark doorknobs and I give a few examples in my video here. The main thing is to be creative and come up with what works best.

I hope this tip was helpful. I would love to hear from you if you have any other tips that you think would be good to share with the world. Please feel free to comment or email me at blindonthemove@gmail.com

Published by Mike Mulligan

Is a Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist who provides product resources, reviews, and tutorials.

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