Adding a Toilet Bowl Light to Increase Safety for Visually Impaired and Low Vision Individuals

In this article, I will be discussing how adding a toilet bowl light can be a great way to assist someone who is visually impaired or low vision to locate the toilet bowl at night. There are so many different ways of adding lighting to a bathroom to increase visibility at night. Nightlights are a great option and come in many different kinds and features. Some remain on constantly, others turn on when it gets dark, and even others use motion detection to turn on. One problem with nightlights is most need to be plugged into an outlet which limits where they can be placed. 

Another option is adding additional lighting that can be turned on manually or someone could alternatively just leave the lights on all the time. However, most people would rather not do either one of those options.

Bathrooms especially at night for someone who is visually impaired or low vision can be a real hazardous area. Most bathrooms do not have a lot of extra space to negotiate and if someone were to fall or trip the chances of falling into an object are greater then other areas of the house. Finding ways to mitigate some of the fall risk and navigation challenges is worth the time and effort.

Increasing safety in the bathroom should be a top priority. This leads me to the point of why adding a toilet bowl light could be an ideal lighting option to meet a person’s needs. Toilet bowl lights are a somewhat recent development. The concept first being pitched in 2016 on the tv show Shark Tank. A toilet bowl light is a light that hangs over the rim of the toilet as a way of illuminating the inside of the toilet bowl. There are several different brands and options out there but the one I reviewed in my video above has some cool features. First, it has eight different colors so someone can pick the color that works best for them or just let the colors cycle. The other sweet feature is it uses motion detection to turn on to preserve the battery life.

Overall, toilet bowl lights can be a good option for certain individuals who are visually impaired or low vision and it is worth being explored further. Plus the price for several different types of toilet bowl lights comes in under ten dollars on Amazon. It’s hard to beat that.

Published by Mike Mulligan

Is a Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialist who provides product resources, reviews, and tutorials.

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